Did you know you can embrace the wrong thing into your life? When you think of the word embrace you think of it as a word of endearment.

I woke up this morning wanting to write! I haven’t been able to gather my thoughts in order to write for quite a while. I woke up feeling inspired and engaged to get back to my passion of writing and encouraging others. The word EMBRACE consumed me this morning heavy on my heart. My mother once said “you can walk yourself right into the wrong destiny” basically saying be careful of your thoughts. You can embrace the wrong thoughts, friends, men, conversation and life styles that will take you from your right journey to a destiny full of hurt and pain.

I woke up feeling like I haven’t embrace something! I couldn’t figure out WHY is this word hanging on my mental so heavy. So as I always do I reach out to my spiritual advisor GOD. As I was sitting on the sofa with a quiet house and nothing , but my spirit and God having an intimate conversation. I ask for understanding of why this word has consumed me this morning.

To embrace is an act to hold something or someone close. What have I not embraced or what have I embraced in my life that may be hindering me from living. Is it that I have chosen to embrace what I can’t do instead of what I know I can do. It’s so easy to EMBRACE the negative sometimes especially when that’s all you know. The same way we can focus on the negative we can shift that energy over to positive. In life so much goes on in this world that will cloud your vision and purpose on your journey.

Re-evaluate your trajectory and embrace it with nothing, but POSITIVE ENERGY.
Carry out your vision and embrace it!

What are you embracing in your life Is it a negative or positive?
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