Fighting With the Invisible Thorns

I know you’re wondering how can a person fight what they can’t see. Good question! Let’s take a look at yourself! Maybe you are a person that has dealt with being molested,without a mother or father, low-self-esteem, engaging in unsafe sex, hurt, disappointments of life and people, lust, wanting to be married and depression. Yes I know that’s a heavy conversation! Most people prefer not to talk about these issues. Some people feel ashamed or still may be going through it. You may be a person that has never battled with those types of issue, but trust me you are battling with something.

All of these issues I listed are the “INVISIBLE THORN”! You constantly fight with these issue on a daily basis. I once heard someone say “God provides you with your identity and it’s the devil duty to destroy that so you never fulfill your purpose and know your identity.” Think about it we all have had pain, hurt, discouragement and disappointments. For me having those invisible thorns in my life help reminds me where I once have been and to do whatever possible to not turn back.

For Instance, You know when you turn a certain way you may feel a sharp pain causing you not to turn that way again. It’s the same for your journey in life! That bad situation that constantly pops up in your head that hinders you from moving forward, but it’s a reminder to you pain lives there. It brings on an alert of familiarity to your spiritual body! Sometimes we still may choose to turn towards the pain because it doesn’t hit that alert/pain untill you are too deep in it. Once you have found yourself back in that spot of pain it is so much severe than when you left it the first time and sometimes so much harder to get out of. The good thing is GOD is close to the brokenhearted; and he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. Be aware of your thorns, but don’t allow them to hold you in bondage staying stuck in a place of despair. Be forever listening to our spiritual guide to make sure you don’t turn in a direction that brings on an alert that an invisible thorn lives there.

We would all love to have that thorn removed in order to stop the fighting that we have on a daily basis in our mind. Think about it what purpose having that thorn removed will do for you? Nothing you will keep allowing yourself to be trapped in an ongoing cycle that never ends. You wake up day in and day out searching for purpose, but you can’t find purpose when you are constantly battling with the invisible thorn from your past mistakes or hurts. It’s sad that something so invisible can have the final say so over your life. You take it’s word over what you know GOD can do in your life, which is “all thing through Christ which strengthens us.” Yes all things not just some things ALL things.

The reality of the matter is stop allowing the invisible thorns to distract you. Telling you that your past will hinder you from your next journey. It’s all a lie! See your purpose and then grasp firm to it! Do away with the mind-set of “this is who I am and I’m not dentine for greatness!” Get away from people who doesn’t encourage the new YOU!

Live, Love, Laugh Alopecia Happy and Free


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