Why are YOU concerned about others shoe size?

So many times in life including myself we get wrapped up in why me, why cant my life be like that. I can remember times when I was married and I would ask GOD why couldn’t my marriage be like that person. I admired what marriage looked like on the outside, but didn’t have a clue on how to walk and exist in it.

After getting wiser I had a coming to Jesus meeting with myself. During this time I reevaluated my thoughts and actions and I started accepting my assigned journey in life.

Stop concerning yourself with other people shoe size. Even if you could wear that shoe, that shoe may still bring some type of discomfort to your life. Realize you can never fill someone else shoes. Accept your journey in life! Stop trying to figure out the other person steps and make new steps for yourself! Start today living! Take walks by yourself and GOD talking with him about his next move in your life. Before you know it you will be walking in your destiny wearing shoes that were fit for you. GOD created you just as you are!

Live, Love, Laugh Alopecia Happy and Free



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