What is your value WORTH?

Is it worth a man, sex, money, people, hair, or clothes etc. Whatever it may be! I can go on and on about the things that people value and what its worth to them. Some people may say I Only value my family and friends, but what they really mean is “no one knows the one thing I value, because that’s my secret.”

My mother always taught me that every year you should try your best to live life differently. Though some years I chose to do things the same way and making the same foolish mistake. I realized at some point in my life I had to make the decision to do things differently and when i did things started to fall in place.

For years I valued my weave spending a lot of money on WEAVE. Yes weave! My weave had to look a certain way to make it believable. I was self conscious about people standing over me staring at me. It was so overwhelming. I was able to hide behind my weave the first week of getting my hair done, but as the weave was getting old so was my natural hair that was growing out of control.

I started valuing my weave so much that I forgot to live. I was more concerned about my weave and how it looked to others then my own personal happiness. Having Alopecia made me so insecure because i wasn’t confident in wearing weave.

I grew up with thick pretty hair and i felt it was so unfair i had to hide behind this weave.
It was a breath of fresh air to me to cut the rest of my growing hair off. It was reviving to my soul! Thats when I started living, smiling, dancing and glowing. My smile when I walked into the room took center stage and everyone knew I was there.

For those living with Alopecia and are not yet secure in coming out about their disease. Im not knocking you on wearing weave. Im only speaking on how I felt when I wore weave.

If I can only share with you the joy I have in my heart and spirit after I stopped valuing the one thing that NEVER made me is when my eyes were open and I was able to LIVE.

Live, Love, Laugh Alopecia Happy and Free

Image provided by “knowyourworthcampaign”



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