Uniquely Made

I was doing some research on butterflies and I ran across a beautiful butterfly that was quite different from other butterflies. The butterfly is called a Red Pierrot as I started to do more research on this particular butterfly.

I came across a video clip! I pressed play on the video and I observed the butterfly flying gracefully across the sky. I admired the uniqueness of this butterfly! The colors on the butterfly was different from any other butterfly I’ve seen before.

The Red Pierrot Butterfly is a weak flier and flutters about close to the ground. Red Pierrot Butterfly can be found in South Asia and South-East Asia. Nevertheless, As the butterfly continued on its journey I started to compare this butterfly to a person living with Alopecia.

Its the uniqueness about you that brings sunshine into a room. You give off a glow that demands the attention of others. The essence of your beauty is what stops people in their tracks to admire such boldness, beauty and elegance.

Don’t allow your flaw to make you feel like you don’t have a purpose in life. GOD makes no mistake! The beauty that you posses is the beauty that shines from within and it spills over to your outer appearance.

I know being told “you have Alopecia and your hair will never grow back” is one of the hardest thing to accept, but its not the end of the world. Continue to fly through life unaware of your flaws, don’t allow it to cripple your spirit.

Live, Love, Laugh Alopecia Happy and Free.




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