A change of Heart

A change of Heart

Happy Love Day
Though this is a day I never thought I would hear myself saying “I’m starting to like”. I never understood why this day was such a big deal. I felt it was a waste of time,money and fake love. Men and Women acting like they’re so in love with each other ,but at the same time out cheating.
I can go on and on about why I used to didn’t like this day, but I want since I’m starting to like it. You may be wondering why I’ve had a change of heart! Well it’s not because I have a man because I am still single and taking applications. 😀 Sorry Drifted a little!
I never understood why this one day people outwardly express their love for one another. My mom and dad was married for a long time before he passed away and he always showed his love and affection to my mom daily.
However, more and more as I get older and learning about what makes me happy, my kids tend to bring out a side of their mom that sometimes I feel I lost.
I look at my boys seeing them growing into young men and it makes me proud. Well depending on what day it is teens moods can switch up! See it took my 12 year old son actions to make me look at this day differently. A couple of weeks ago as I was shopping for my daughter Vday cards for her class. My son says “Mom I want to buy a girl something; can I?” My reply was “yes go ahead!” “Lol! As he walks away and comes back with a sneaky smile on his face. My son goes to whisper in his sisters ear as we are walking up the aisles of the store.
I stopped and said to my son” I hope you’re not trying to buy that for me” He laughs but by that time my daughter burst out and says “yes mom he is and he told me not to tell you.” I laugh and I immediately told my son take that stuff back though the gesture was sweet and I did say Thank You.
To make a long story short!
I didn’t realize that my actions may have bothered my son until he told a very good friend of mine that I didn’t like this day. After getting yelled at by my friend, I felt bad telling my son to take the stuff back because he was only expressing his love for me.
I was so focused on the title Valentines day instead of looking at the joy and love this day brings that I totally missed what my son was doing. Valentines is not a day just for couples doesn’t its a day to express your love even more to people in your life or that has blessed you along the way. What makes it even more special you’re able to share the love that you have for yourself and share it with others. Whether that be a best friend, child, sister, dad, uncle, brother or mate just know that someone Loves you.
So embrace today with an open heart and mind. Take time out today and show someone in your life you love them and appreciate them.
Happy Love Day! Continue Loving, Living, Alopecia Happy and Free.



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