I would Rather be_______________”.

ImageI would Rather be “_______________”. If you had to fill in blank in order to complete this sentence what would you rather be?

I got to thinking this morning while I was staring out the window on a cold day in Texas and those exact words came to me. As my mind got to raising with many ideas of what would I rather be my mind came to a complete stop. As a smirk came on my face! I started thinking about the many things that I was blessed with and though on some days my toil doesn’t feel quite like a blessing. Life can become so overwhelming where sometimes we may think about WHAT WE WOULD RATHER BE DOING.

One of my favorite books in the BIBLE or the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth is the book of ECCLESIASTES. I really love a verse from this book that states in NIV “This is what I have observed to be good: that it is appropriate for a person to eat, to drink and to find satisfaction in their toilsome labor under the sun during the few days of life God has given them—for this is their lot.” This book always keep me grounded and thankful for my Toil. 

It was times in my life where I was not satisfied! I used to Complain and felt Depressed wondering why I am not further than I thought I should be. I had to refocus my thoughts and views on my life and compare it with the things I have been blessed with so far. 

I have a brother in GA that I would chat with almost everyday. I started our chat off complaining work and other things he then yelled the words in caps “How many times I have to tell you it could be worse”. Soon as those words came across the screen I immediately paused. I then replied to my brother in saying “You’re Right”

It could be worse so I would rather push through and find peace with this Toil I’ve been blessed with and enjoy this journey. Just know everyday gets better and each day you will continue to grow and find that place that keeps you smiling. So as of today take time out and observe the positive of your situation because it could be so much worse.

So what would you rather be? Mine would be continue Living, Loving, Laughing, Alopecia Happy and Free.


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