Bigger is Better

Bigger is Better! Why do I say that you may ask? Living in Texas I’ve heard the saying everyone does it big. So far from what I’ve seen in just the few months living here I must say “Yes in deed” they do.
I know when your mind immediately read the topic of discussion today you assumed I was referencing to sex. I do hate to disappoint you my Alopecia supporters we are going to use the cliche saying “Bigger is Better” in a more enlightening term.

Bigger is Better because sometimes it takes the BIGGER person in any relationship to make things right. For Instance, the bigger person can be in a friendship, marriage, job, kids, family, baby daddy/momma’s relationship where two people have had a disagreement causing a seperation.

Sometimes being the bigger person in life feels like you’re being taken for granted or you’re the loser in a situation. There’s no winners or losers in a friendship are any type of relationship, but there is a compromiser. It’s ok to be the bigger person and Compromise, because I promise you it will all work out in the end ;leaving you feeling stress free.
Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve had a disagreement with someone and as time passed you feel like it wasn’t worth destroying a friendship over.
So if someone ask is bigger better your reply should be Yes” Bigger is better because I have a bigger mindset when it comes to any of my relationship.
Putting aside your own feelings to make things between you and another person more peaceful is ok. Never feel less of a person doing the right thing in order to keep a friendship together. It takes a strong person whether right or wrong to break the ice.

Also please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, because by far am I saying at all to be the bigger person in an abusive situation. So Like I always say life is short wasting time not speaking to each other is not worth it. Sometimes fighting for those friends or mate who has brought purpose into your life is worth being the bigger person for.
So today think about that relationship that has been broken and be the bigger person.
Live, Love , Smile Alopecia Happy and Free



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