Moving Forward


Driving into work today I was listening to “moving forward” I love the melody and peacefulness of this song such a motivating song to start your day. 

How many times in your life have you felt stuck? Feeling like you are not further than you feel you should be? Let’s be honest!  Even if things didn’t pan out the way you thought it should don’t allow another day being stuck in a rut having a pity party trying to figure out why. Accept where you are in life and evaluate what you have learned from those experiences. Don’t allow yourself to keep going back around that same mountain of defeat.

I’m not saying this because I don’t know how you are feeling, but because I do. Staying in that depressing place is only keeping you away from completing your assignment. It’s not worth to continue allowing life to pass you by.

So Starting today lets start moving forward loving life Alopecia happy and free.


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