Did you know you can embrace the wrong thing into your life? When you think of the word embrace you think of it as a word of endearment.

I woke up this morning wanting to write! I haven’t been able to gather my thoughts in order to write for quite a while. I woke up feeling inspired and engaged to get back to my passion of writing and encouraging others. The word EMBRACE consumed me this morning heavy on my heart. My mother once said “you can walk yourself right into the wrong destiny” basically saying be careful of your thoughts. You can embrace the wrong thoughts, friends, men, conversation and life styles that will take you from your right journey to a destiny full of hurt and pain.

I woke up feeling like I haven’t embrace something! I couldn’t figure out WHY is this word hanging on my mental so heavy. So as I always do I reach out to my spiritual advisor GOD. As I was sitting on the sofa with a quiet house and nothing , but my spirit and God having an intimate conversation. I ask for understanding of why this word has consumed me this morning.

To embrace is an act to hold something or someone close. What have I not embraced or what have I embraced in my life that may be hindering me from living. Is it that I have chosen to embrace what I can’t do instead of what I know I can do. It’s so easy to EMBRACE the negative sometimes especially when that’s all you know. The same way we can focus on the negative we can shift that energy over to positive. In life so much goes on in this world that will cloud your vision and purpose on your journey.

Re-evaluate your trajectory and embrace it with nothing, but POSITIVE ENERGY.
Carry out your vision and embrace it!

What are you embracing in your life Is it a negative or positive?
#Live,Love,Laugh Alopecia Happy and Free



Fighting With the Invisible Thorns

I know you’re wondering how can a person fight what they can’t see. Good question! Let’s take a look at yourself! Maybe you are a person that has dealt with being molested,without a mother or father, low-self-esteem, engaging in unsafe sex, hurt, disappointments of life and people, lust, wanting to be married and depression. Yes I know that’s a heavy conversation! Most people prefer not to talk about these issues. Some people feel ashamed or still may be going through it. You may be a person that has never battled with those types of issue, but trust me you are battling with something.

All of these issues I listed are the “INVISIBLE THORN”! You constantly fight with these issue on a daily basis. I once heard someone say “God provides you with your identity and it’s the devil duty to destroy that so you never fulfill your purpose and know your identity.” Think about it we all have had pain, hurt, discouragement and disappointments. For me having those invisible thorns in my life help reminds me where I once have been and to do whatever possible to not turn back.

For Instance, You know when you turn a certain way you may feel a sharp pain causing you not to turn that way again. It’s the same for your journey in life! That bad situation that constantly pops up in your head that hinders you from moving forward, but it’s a reminder to you pain lives there. It brings on an alert of familiarity to your spiritual body! Sometimes we still may choose to turn towards the pain because it doesn’t hit that alert/pain untill you are too deep in it. Once you have found yourself back in that spot of pain it is so much severe than when you left it the first time and sometimes so much harder to get out of. The good thing is GOD is close to the brokenhearted; and he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. Be aware of your thorns, but don’t allow them to hold you in bondage staying stuck in a place of despair. Be forever listening to our spiritual guide to make sure you don’t turn in a direction that brings on an alert that an invisible thorn lives there.

We would all love to have that thorn removed in order to stop the fighting that we have on a daily basis in our mind. Think about it what purpose having that thorn removed will do for you? Nothing you will keep allowing yourself to be trapped in an ongoing cycle that never ends. You wake up day in and day out searching for purpose, but you can’t find purpose when you are constantly battling with the invisible thorn from your past mistakes or hurts. It’s sad that something so invisible can have the final say so over your life. You take it’s word over what you know GOD can do in your life, which is “all thing through Christ which strengthens us.” Yes all things not just some things ALL things.

The reality of the matter is stop allowing the invisible thorns to distract you. Telling you that your past will hinder you from your next journey. It’s all a lie! See your purpose and then grasp firm to it! Do away with the mind-set of “this is who I am and I’m not dentine for greatness!” Get away from people who doesn’t encourage the new YOU!

Live, Love, Laugh Alopecia Happy and Free

Why are YOU concerned about others shoe size?

So many times in life including myself we get wrapped up in why me, why cant my life be like that. I can remember times when I was married and I would ask GOD why couldn’t my marriage be like that person. I admired what marriage looked like on the outside, but didn’t have a clue on how to walk and exist in it.

After getting wiser I had a coming to Jesus meeting with myself. During this time I reevaluated my thoughts and actions and I started accepting my assigned journey in life.

Stop concerning yourself with other people shoe size. Even if you could wear that shoe, that shoe may still bring some type of discomfort to your life. Realize you can never fill someone else shoes. Accept your journey in life! Stop trying to figure out the other person steps and make new steps for yourself! Start today living! Take walks by yourself and GOD talking with him about his next move in your life. Before you know it you will be walking in your destiny wearing shoes that were fit for you. GOD created you just as you are!

Live, Love, Laugh Alopecia Happy and Free


What is your value WORTH?

Is it worth a man, sex, money, people, hair, or clothes etc. Whatever it may be! I can go on and on about the things that people value and what its worth to them. Some people may say I Only value my family and friends, but what they really mean is “no one knows the one thing I value, because that’s my secret.”

My mother always taught me that every year you should try your best to live life differently. Though some years I chose to do things the same way and making the same foolish mistake. I realized at some point in my life I had to make the decision to do things differently and when i did things started to fall in place.

For years I valued my weave spending a lot of money on WEAVE. Yes weave! My weave had to look a certain way to make it believable. I was self conscious about people standing over me staring at me. It was so overwhelming. I was able to hide behind my weave the first week of getting my hair done, but as the weave was getting old so was my natural hair that was growing out of control.

I started valuing my weave so much that I forgot to live. I was more concerned about my weave and how it looked to others then my own personal happiness. Having Alopecia made me so insecure because i wasn’t confident in wearing weave.

I grew up with thick pretty hair and i felt it was so unfair i had to hide behind this weave.
It was a breath of fresh air to me to cut the rest of my growing hair off. It was reviving to my soul! Thats when I started living, smiling, dancing and glowing. My smile when I walked into the room took center stage and everyone knew I was there.

For those living with Alopecia and are not yet secure in coming out about their disease. Im not knocking you on wearing weave. Im only speaking on how I felt when I wore weave.

If I can only share with you the joy I have in my heart and spirit after I stopped valuing the one thing that NEVER made me is when my eyes were open and I was able to LIVE.

Live, Love, Laugh Alopecia Happy and Free

Image provided by “knowyourworthcampaign”


Uniquely Made

I was doing some research on butterflies and I ran across a beautiful butterfly that was quite different from other butterflies. The butterfly is called a Red Pierrot as I started to do more research on this particular butterfly.

I came across a video clip! I pressed play on the video and I observed the butterfly flying gracefully across the sky. I admired the uniqueness of this butterfly! The colors on the butterfly was different from any other butterfly I’ve seen before.

The Red Pierrot Butterfly is a weak flier and flutters about close to the ground. Red Pierrot Butterfly can be found in South Asia and South-East Asia. Nevertheless, As the butterfly continued on its journey I started to compare this butterfly to a person living with Alopecia.

Its the uniqueness about you that brings sunshine into a room. You give off a glow that demands the attention of others. The essence of your beauty is what stops people in their tracks to admire such boldness, beauty and elegance.

Don’t allow your flaw to make you feel like you don’t have a purpose in life. GOD makes no mistake! The beauty that you posses is the beauty that shines from within and it spills over to your outer appearance.

I know being told “you have Alopecia and your hair will never grow back” is one of the hardest thing to accept, but its not the end of the world. Continue to fly through life unaware of your flaws, don’t allow it to cripple your spirit.

Live, Love, Laugh Alopecia Happy and Free.



Dont get too comfortable!!!!!!!!!!!

Maya Angelou stated in her book Letter to my Daughter,
“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”
Alopecia is a life changing event and in this event you go through a phase if depression. Its ok to be sad and upset but don’t allow yourself to stay in that place and miss out living and enjoying life. Live, Love, Laugh, Alopecia Happy and Free

Hope to see you there



Beauty Begins Within

Beauty Begins Within!!!! Nothing in this life can make you feel beautiful. Being beautiful is an act that has to happen within that person. Living with Alopecia make you feel not pretty, but know you are beautiful

Release yourself from being in bondage about losing your hair to Alopecia and allow your beauty begin to SHINE through.

So embrace your beauty, because hair doesn’t define you. Change your attitude on how you view yourself everyday and before you know it you can walk in a room and own it. True Beauty shines from within and then outwardly.

Live Love Laugh Alopecia Happy and Free

“Let Me Shine”

As the sun rise you should always rise with a mindset of wanting more for your life. Waking up with an enthusiastic spirit about your day; try to be better than you were yesterday. Never allow people to make you feel like you have to hide or downplay your blessing.

Let’s look at the different stories in the Bible. There were numerous incidents where GOD blessed people and before they left he made sure he told them to spread the good news. As I was getting dressed for work this morning my spirit man said clearly to me “Don’t down Play Your Blessing”. I laughed and started my day!

As I was driving in I got to thinking why do I have to Down Play my blessing? Why am I not deserving of these Blessing? So today my Blog post for today is based on something that has blessed me and I wanted to share. 🙂

Do you understand why GOD wanted the people to share what GOD had done for them with other people? See keeping how good GOD is to yourself doesn’t help the Kingdom. So if the Kingdom is not growing what good is that mankind. Sharing your story allow people to know it wasn’t by your strength, but GOD that you are in a great place. So continue SHINING so when you walk in a room they are curious of what makes her shine.

Don’t ever feel like you are not deserving of your blessing. There’s a saying “favor is not fair” and neither are the storms you have come through, but you made it through everything.

So shine my Diamond allow the world to see your smile because your walk in life is not just for you, but to bless others through this thing called life.

I drove into work this morning listening to this song by a beautiful singer “Ledisi – SHINE” listen to this song when you want to turn the world off from negative people.

Enjoy your day and continue to Live, Love, Alopecia Happy and Free!


Que Sera, Sera(What will be will be)

Que Sera, Sera(Whatever will be will be)

Que Sera, Sera(Whatever will be will be) the future is not ours to see.  Having a Que Sera outlook is the best mindset you can have. Living by Faith and not by site will allow you to push pass the negative thoughts floating around in your mind. When your soul becomes so dehydrated and yearning for that everlasting water you become discombobulated and never complete your assigned task.

Allow yourself time with the creator and away from the noise of the world. Your eyes will begin to see things through spiritual eyes! You begin to take steps doing things you never thought you were capable of doing. It’s called LIVING! Stay thirsty for GOD and he will keep you in a Que Sera, Sera(Whatever will be will be) mindset for he always has a better path for your life.

It took the passing of my father last year to start putting my vision and dreams in place, because the future is not guaranteed to us. Everyday I wake up with a plan to become closer and close to my vision. Yes some days I feel defeated but with just a little strength I will continue no matter what I see. Living life with a spiritual mind has made me look at things so differently. I wasted so much time chasing things that was not helpful to my assignment, but was a distraction. As the word says for those who love GOD it will all work out for the greater good.

Que Sera, Sera So I ask you what can you change by worrying? What can you change by complaining? What is crying and being depressed about going to do? Waiting!!!!! Yep that’s what I thought Nothing! Que Sera, Sera(Whatever will be will be) the future is not ours to see, but I can tell you one thing worrying and complaining can and will do for you.

It causes nothing, but stress and health problems to your body. God doesn’t need your assistances in figuring out what to do, he is God alone and doesn’t need MAN help on his plans for your life.

So Que Sera, Sera(What will be will be) is the melody humming in my head with every situation that may occur. We are not in control of anything in this life so just learn from every situation and keep moving.

Living,Loving Alopecia Happy and Free.

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